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Amt für multikulturelle Angelegenheiten

Advice and support for clubs and societies

In Frankfurt there are currently around 350 migrant clubs and societies involved in the area of intercultural understanding and the nurturing of traditions.

The rich variety includes the German-Turkish Entrepreneurs’ Society and Eritrean Child and Teenager Group, extending all the way to the Korean Cultural Centre.

Each year the Department for Multicultural Affairs (AmkA) supports between 100 and 150 projects and events run by the societies. One of the key criteria for receiving support is that the project or event promotes understanding between the different national, ethnic and cultural population groups living in Frankfurt and enhances social integration.

Under certain circumstances the AmkA will also support societies in the running of educational classes in their native language. In addition to advising and supporting clubs and societies, the AmkA also gets actively involved in many relatively large and small events in cooperation with Frankfurt societies, organisations and performers.

The highpoints in this respect are organising the ‘Frankfurt Stage’ at the annual Museum Bank Festival and participating in the ‘Parade of Cultures’. We will gladly advise you on all matters related to running a club or society, in particular on how you can set one up or run an event. We can also put you in touch with migrant societies, providers of services offered in your native language, institutions that have an affinity with your country of origin and, of course, other public administration departments.


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