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Arbitration of neighboorhood conflicts

Arbitration by trained staff

In a large and multicultural city like Frankfurt conflicts between neighbours can easily arise. The arbitration provided by advisors is designed to help avoid such conflicts.

Frankfurt am Main - A city of diversity

Frankfurt am Main is without question a city of many faces, in which people of different nationalities and opinions live together. Every human being is different and things such as religion, ethnic origin and traditions should be respected.

It is sometimes totally trivial things that give rise to disputes among neighbours. It may be misunderstandings or things that were not intended. But they can immediately lead to conflicts that can permanently harm the parties' ability to live together.

Arbitration can help

In most cases the situation is too much for the parties involved and they fail to communicate properly. They don't recognise the seriousness of the situation and before they know it every member of the family is affected. Experienced advisors can help in this situation. The mediation and arbitration between the parties involved is free and in most cases misunderstandings can quickly be cleared up.

People are able to have their say in the arbitration meetings and to talk about any problems. In such cases the arbitration sessions can help to break down any animosity or prejudices.


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