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Bürgerinstitut e.V.

Bringing together people seeking help and helpers

With the help of its online platform, the Bürgerinstitut arranges support offers for those seeking help and those who help. You can find already reported needs for help at www.buergerinstitut.de/engagementdatenbank.

This offer is addressed to:

  • Social institutions that currently require additional help beyond direct contact with risk groups,
  • Private individuals who would like to get involved with a social institution at the moment,
  • Companies that would like to get involved with a social institution at the moment.

Michael Beckmann, Bettina Büttner
Phone number: 069 97201730 or 069 97201731
E-mail: freiwilligenagentur@buergerinstitut.de

Hospice assistance and palliative advice

In addition, the Bürgerinstitut organises hospice assistance for the seriously ill and relieves the burden on relatives, as well as palliative counselling for the seriously ill and their families. Free professional grief counselling is also available.

This offer is adressed to:

  • Care facilities, which currently need support for palliative care or hospice assistance for residents
  • Private individuals, seriously ill people and their relatives and mourning people

Phone number: 069 972 017 24 or 069 972 017 35
E-mail: rehor@buergerinstitut.de or eyssen-heilemann@buergerinstitut.de

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