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Visit information events or debates via Livestream or audio recording. (In German, partly in English and Arabic)

Evangelische Akademie Frankfurt

The Evangelische Akademie Frankfurt streams some of their information events and panel debates on Youtube and Zoom. All dates and offers can be found in the online calender. (Offer in German)

Anne Frank educational center

You can watch past events of the Anne Frank educational center on Youtube or listen to them as audio recordings on Mixcloud. The educational center also offers free online webinars. (Offer in German)

Online events by "Über den Tellerrand"

"Über den Tellerrand" offers various online events, including an online cooking class or an online Iftar. (Available in varying languages, including German, English, Arabic and Spanish)

Online city walks

The Frankfurter Stadtevents team offers virtual city tours through Frankfurt on various topics. (Offer in German)


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