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Education-focussed work with parents

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When it comes to supporting children particular importance is given to the family as the first and comprehensive place of learning and the centre of upbringing. For many parents with children at Frankfurt schools the education and training system is not easy to understand. There is a lack of sufficient information available in the families’ native languages. The ‘Bildungsorientierte Elternarbeit’ (Education-focussed work with parents - BE) aims to counter this.

The BE programme provides parents with information and practical help on all aspects of education, jobs and bringing up children. It encourages parents to actively follow their child’s path through school and to familiarise themselves with the education and training system. The programme plans to intensify collaboration with active members of cultural and educational societies, religious communities and native language teachers in order to gain more people to pass information on.

On behalf of the Department for Multicultural Affairs (AmkA) these people inform and advise the parents of children and adolescents, including in their native language, about the possibilities of Hesse’s school and training system and on matters relating to education and raising children. In this way the programme also reaches parents who until now were unable to take advantage of traditional advice services.



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