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Working for equality, independence and a life free of violence!

Under the slogan 'For equality, independence and a life for women free of violence', the Department for Women's Affairs works in support of a better work-life balance, career advancement and the equal participation of women in society.

Its particular focus is on girls, female migrants and single mothers. The Department for Women's Affairs champions equal opportunities and equal pay and works to combat any form of violence or discrimination.

It supports all sorts of different women's institutions in Frankfurt, promotes innovative projects and is a source of advice and cooperative assistance and a network partner for Frankfurt women, official bodies, organisations, institutions and projects, including on a cross-regional and international basis.



Hasengasse 4
60311 Frankfurt am Main

E-Mail: Info.frauenreferat@stadt-frankfurt.de
Phone:: 069-21235319
Fax: 069-21230727
Web: http://www.frauenreferat.frankfurt.de

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