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Guide for people of all nationalities setting up their own business

In cooperation with the Frankfurt Economic Development Agency and the Department for Multicultural Affairs (AmkA), the Kompass business start-up centre has published a guide for people of all nationalities setting up their own business.

The profiles of 15 independent entrepreneurs with roots outside of Germany is intended to give others the courage to set up businesses of their own.

The people profiled report on their experiences and the hurdles they encountered and give tips on how to overcome them.

This guide is also intended to illustrate the importance to Germany of the entrepreneurial and economic contribution made by migrant businesses. Listed in the appendix to the brochure are key institutions for business start-ups and development, which provide assistance for people setting up a business of their own.

The publication can be ordered from the Department for Multicultural Affairs.
E-mail: publikation.amka@stadt-frankfurt.de



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