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Help in cases of domestic violence

The Corona crisis poses challenges for those affected by domestic violence. Those who are threatened by their partner will find help here.

The City of Frankfurt's Women's  Department has compiled an overview of aid offers from Frankfurt directed to women and girls:

The women's guide lists more counseling services. The guide will be sent out by the Women’s Department upon request.

Information brochures on domestic violence and the Violence Protection Act are available in various languages on the website of the Women's Department.

In addition, there are special counseling offers such as online counseling for girls* and young women* between 12 and 25 years of age, offered by the FeM Mädchenhaus Frankfurt.

FIM - Frauenrecht ist Menschenrecht e.V. (women’s rights are human rights) offers advice and information for migrant women and their families by telephone at 069 - 970 979 70.

Lesbians, trans* and queer women can turn to the counseling center "gewaltfreileben" (living without violence) if they experience violence in their relationship. Contact at 069 - 430 052 33.

In an emergency, women* and girls* should contact the police hotline 110 or a police station nerby directly.

Further information: Beate Herzog at 069 - 212 413 99 or via email.


Further counseling services:

Wildwasser Frankfurt e.V. offers a first contact and advice center for sexual abuse, it can be reached at 069 - 955 029 10.

"Superheroine against violence" is a listing of counseling services in Germany. It helps you finding counseling centers close to your place of residence.

The federal helpline for domestic violence offers counseling in 17 languages. It can be reached free of charge by calling 08000 - 116 016.


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