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Internationales Familienzentrum e.V. (IFZ)

We know what being an outsider is like

The IFZ (International Family Centre) aims its diverse array of advisory, educational and integration-related services at both foreign and German families and as a place for intercultural encounter helps people to live together well in the local society, which has itself been shaped by immigration.

The IFZ is one of the oldest organisations in Germany devoted to supplying social, educational and psychological services to people of different origins, religions and cultural backgrounds.

For nearly 30 years, families, children, young adults and increasingly older people as well from numerous countries of Europe and the world have been attending the IFZ facilities. Their issues and needs cover the whole gamut of everyday matters that need to be overcome at the different stages of life. In dealing with conflicts, illnesses, family problems and particular situations in life the IFZ provides a wealth of specific assistance.


IFZ e.V. - Internationales Familienzentrum e.V.

Hahnstraße 70
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Phone:: (069) 26 48 62 - 120

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