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Mum’s learning German

Courses with childcare

The ‘Mum’s learning German’ courses are aimed in particular at women with children who speak hardly any German and until now have been unable to make many contacts in Frankfurt. The courses are held in schools or child day-care centres.

Taking part in the course enables women to do the following:

  • Build up and enhance their German language skills based on their specific needs in life
  • Understand the education and training system better
  • Break down any fears of entering educational establishments
  • Improve contact between school and parental home
  • Address issues of education and training in a supportive environment
  • Obtain advice on their own prospects
  • Gain familiarity on excursions with advice centres in the district relevant for them

Spread across the whole city area, there are currently around 1,000 courses being run.

The Department for Multicultural Affairs cooperates in the running of the courses with the ASB Teachers’ Cooperative and with Frankfurt schools and nurseries.


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