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Visit virtual exhibitions or listen to art related podcasts offered by the museums in Frankfurt. (Offers in German and English)

Museum Giersch from the Goethe-University

Special exhibition "Portraits, collectors and collections in Frankfurt from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment" with 3D-tour, picture gallery and introductory film. (Offer in German, some in English)

Schirn Art Gallery

The Kunsthalle Schirn's exhibition "Fantastic Women. Surreal Worlds from Meret Oppenheim to Frida Kahlo" features female artists of surrealism. You can visit the exhibition through a Digitorial. (Offer in German and English)

The SchirnMag podcast offers additional information on the Schirn exhibitions (offers in German, some in English)

Städel Museum

The Städel Museum's podcast "Finding van Gogh" deals with Vincent van Gogh's last great portrait, the "Portrait of Dr. Gachet". It explains the genesis of the painting, its history under National Socialism and the mechanisms of today's art market. (Offer in German and English)

The Städel Museum also offers other digital services, including Digitorials on past exhibitions and e-learning opportunities. (Offer in German, partly in English)

Art Association Familie Montez

The group exhibition "Mixed Feelings" in the Art Association Familie Montez explores the emotions of people with and without disabilities. You can view the works of art in an online exhibition. (Offer in German, but knowledge of German is not required)

Liebighaus Sculpture Collection

The Liebighaus' exhibition "Colored Gods - the colors of antiquity" can be visited online in a Digitorial. (Offer in German and English)

Arts Of The Working Class

The artists of Arts Of The Working Class create art and culture in English. (Offer in English)



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