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Reading and writing from the start

German-speaking adolescents and adults are able to acquire basic skills here in reading and writing or to improve their existing skills.

Group size: 4-8 participants. The participants’ skill levels form the starting point for tailored teaching plans. Participants’ progress is reviewed on an ongoing basis throughout the course. Subject to places being free, it is possible to join the course at any time. Participation is permitted only after a face-to-face consultation. We will help you to find the best course to suit you.

Dates & times:

28 Jan-17 June, Mon+Wed 14:45-17:00;
28 Jan-24 June, Mon+Wed 17:30-19.45;
5 Feb-25 June, Tues+Thurs 17:30-19:45;
28 Jan-13 June, Tues+Thurs 10:00-12:15;
30 Jan-21 June, Wed+Fri 09:30-11:45.

Fees vary from €100-130.

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