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School in the children's room: Learning at Home

Tips for math or learning material for German? Digital learning opportunities can make time during the corona crisis easier. We offer parents and children an overview of online learning possibilities.

Digital learning opportunities: Offers and tips

  • Here you will find an offer of the state of Hesse for primary schools and schools for children with learning difficulties. The Education Server Hesse supplies material on various subjects and suitable learning content with videos, learning notes and assignments.
  • Time off school does not mean time off learning! That is why you will find many digital offers for pupils of all grades on the German Education Server. Reading exercises, tips on writing technical texts or help when studying math are all easily accessible. Even Abitur students can find model exams and mock exams for each federal state.
  • Looking for learning support? On the Federal Government's Corona School website pupils and university students can form tandems and learn together. It’s free of charge and certified.

Learning through play? Quite simple!

  • Learning with the "Sendung mit der Maus" - even in multiple languages! The "laughing and learning stories" are international and can be watched in German, Arabic, Kurdish, Dari, French, and English.
  • Quarks, Planet Schule and ARD Alpha offer additional programs for children and teenagers to diversify their studying. ARD has put together a colorful program for an offer called "Schule zuhause" (School at home).
  • Learning offers on topics such as climate, environment, and science can be found at Umweltlernen e.V.!
  • Audible offers free audiobooks in various languages for children and adults

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