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Theatre Language Studio (TLS) Frankfurt

TLS Frankfurt is a not-for-profit theatre organization that was founded in 2010 by an ambitious group of international artists who wanted to break new ground in the city of Frankfurt by providing plays, events and education that informed and enlightened universal ideas through theatre.

TLS Frankfurt is the home of FITS, Frankfurt International Theatre Sports, Frankfurt’s popular premiere English language improvisation troupe, performing short and longform impro for audiences monthly. Additionally, TLS produces English language theatre productions. An artist-driven company, TLS Frankfurt tries to find innovative angles and new ways of telling stories through unique staging or multimedia practices. TLS Frankfurt also nurtures young actors, writers and directors, and works with schools and its neighbours to bring theatre to a wider audience through its education courses and programs.


Gärtnerweg 5
60322 Frankfurt am Main

E-Mail: info@tlsfrankfurt.com
Phone:: 069/26404672
Web: http://www.tlsfrankfurt.com/tls/contact-us/

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