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Violence - Seeing - Helping

Courses at the Volckshochschule

Courageous behaviour in dangerous situations

The Volkshochschule Frankfurt offers these workshops within the frame of a campaign aimed at preventing and deescalating violence in our city (Gewalt-Sehen-Helfen).
The goal is to share knowledge and experience of patterns of interaction between aggressors, victims and those who want to help.
Most of you certainly know situations of imminent or manifest violence in public areas. Very often people passing by feel helpless, look the other way or react incorrectly.
In this workshop you will discuss, gather and practice behaviour patterns (e.g. through role plays), which will help you avoid becoming a victim of violence and will enable you to intervene and to help without getting in danger yourself.
The acquisition of these few but crucial skills and guidelines leads to a more self-confident manner and more appropriate reactions and behaviour in violent situations.

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1009-51 Saturday, 12/10/2013, 2 pm, 1x VHS Sonnemannstraße

7110-51 Saturday, 26/10/2013, 2 pm, 1x VHS Sonnemannstraße


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