The British Club of the Taunus e.V.

Bringing people together

The British Club of the Taunus was founded in 1966 and provides a means for British and other English speakers to meet each other in a friendly and fun environment. It is a social networking group based in the Taunus area with members from many different countries around the world including the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, Canada , USA, South Africa and Germany. Our members vary in age range and span a wide range of professions. We have more than 250 people, familes, working people and non-working people who enjoy the variety of activities we provide. BCT members enjoy a great quality of life with excellent connections to various cultural and recreational pursits.

What we do

We are dedicated to welcoming newcomers and supporting members living in the Taunus area. Our activities committee works hard to provide a wide range of fun and interesting events on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. Major events include Cricket Match, Christmas Bazaar, Christmas Party, Summer Barbecue as well as cultural and sports activities. There is anything from historical visits, trips to the theatre,tennis, squash, nordic walking and more. We also organise dinner and lunch-time events, family days and pub nights that are very popular. Those of you with young children will particularly welcome the support provided by the Mother's Corner

We produce a magazine ten times a year which keeps us informed of club activities, features articles from our members and keeps us up to date with events in the Frankfurt area. This magazine is produced entirely by our volunteers and is one of the benefits membership of our club.

The Benefits

We are very proud of our work for charity. Over the years the club has raised several thousands of euros, helping to support amoungst others the hospice “Arche Noah”, the Neonatal clinic at the Uniklinik in Frankfurt as well as the Riding School for the Disabled in Oberursel. The charities we are supporting at present are the Bärenherz hospice in Wiesbaden for terminally ill and severely disabled children, and the Heart Pillow Project which provide hospitals in the Rhein-Main area with hand-made pillows to fit under the arm of operated breast cancer patients.

Our local contacts provide introductions and advice on matters regarding life in specific areas. You can relax and enjoy the knowledge that there is always someone you can turn to in a crisis. Using the benefit of their experience the members have compiled a Newcomers’ Guide, containing all the things they wished they had known when they arrived in the Frankfurt area. The guide contains names of English speaking doctors, dentists, schools, local amenities and even a food translation section. The BCT can become an important link in your ability to settle in and enjoy your new surroundings.

Membership is €69 per annum, with the club year running from 1st July to 30th June. Reduced fees are available for members registering after January.


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