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This autumn Frankfurt is going Brazilian

The cultural preview for the second half of 2013

Dürer, Fassbinder, West and Sokol: numerous exhibitions will be drawing visitors to Frankfurt in late summer, autumn and winter 2013. However, things are also going to get colourful, fast and literary: with lots of festivals, the Motor Show and the Book Fair, at which Brazil is being showcased as the guest country.

"Under the title ‘Where is my Eight?’, the Museum of Modern Art (MMK) is showing an exhibition featuring Franz West’s works from 26th June to 13th October. The museum is thus facilitating a comprehensive insight into the creative output of the Austrian artist, who enjoyed great international success and received the Golden Lion Award for his life’s work in 2011 at the Biennale in Venice. The presentation at the MMK was created with his collaboration prior to his death last July. Its focus is on West’s works, in which he combined multiple, very different pieces into a single work of art. The exhibition is being staged in cooperation with the Mumok Museum of Modern Art in Vienna.

Playboy in the Caricatura: the art of another Austrian can be seen in the Caricatura Museum: from 18th July to 27th October the museum is showing the works of Erich Sokol in an exhibition due to run nowhere else in Germany. His drawings and satires for Playboy caused a major stir. On 31st March the artist would have been 80 years old. In cooperation with Krems Caricature Museum, the Caricatura Museum is presenting his work with a focus on the ‘American Natives’: from 1957 to 1959 Sokol lived in the USA. During this time he produced the ‘American Natives’ series, which was published by New York publishers Harper & Brothers.

‘Fassbinder – Now!’ is the title of an exhibition in the German Film Museum from October until the coming spring, which merges an historic look at the works of director Rainer Werner Fassbinder with modern perspectives. The integration of contemporary video into the exhibition is designed to give a modern view of the film producer, actor and author. The videos shown include works from Reynold Reynolds, Ming Wong, Eija-Liisa Ahtila and Keren Cytter. The exhibition has been produced in cooperation with the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Foundation in Berlin. Old masters: fans of old and famous artists will be in their element in the Städel: works by Rembrandt, Dürer and Raphael are being exhibited there.  From 28th August to 24th November the exhibition will show landscape etchings by the Dutch artist Rembrandt. Around 60 works will be flanked by self-portraits of the artist. ‘Albrecht Dürer. His art in the context of its time’ is the name of the exhibition in the Städel from 23rd October to 2nd February. 180 works are designed to represent the great master’s complete oeuvre. Pictures are being loaned to Frankfurt for the exhibition from the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the National Gallery in London. ‘Raphael and the portrait of Julius II. The image of a Renaissance Pope’ is the theme of a further exhibition, which can be seen in the Collection of Old Masters from 8th November until 14th February 2014. 

Frankfurt in its destroyed state: the Institute of City History is opening up its archives and showing from 2nd October to 22nd March pictures and documents from the period when Frankfurt fell victim to aerial warfare. The exhibition in the Carmelite Monastery shows the impact of the bombings on the inhabitants of the city, the forced labourers and the Jews that had not yet been deported. It also paints a portrait of the destruction of the Old Town, which is currently being rebuilt. Brazil is everywhere: in the MMK things continue in international vein: from 28th September to 12th January 2014 visitors will be able to see the most comprehensive retrospective yet on Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica (1937–1980). After stops in Portugal and Brazil, the exhibition is now coming to Frankfurt and is part of the programme for the Frankfurt Book Fair, at which Brazil is the guest country this year. It is being complemented by three external walk-in sculptures, which will be inviting visitor interaction in the Palm Gardens from 30th August to 27th October.

The Schirn Art Gallery will also be featuring Brazilian art:  ‘Street-Art Brazil’ is the name of the exhibition there from 5th September to 27th October. The Schirn will be showcasing here graffiti art ranging from large murals to small, sprayed symbols. Numerous artists from Brazil are being invited to add their touch to places in the city. The South American theme is continued in the ‘Kunsthalle’ art gallery with ‘Brasiliana. Installations from 1960 to the present day.’ In a group exhibition there from 2nd October to 5th January there will be a circuit of walk-through spaces and installations featuring art that visitors are intended to ‘experience directly’.

The Museum of Applied Art (MAK) is showing from 21st September to 2nd February 2014 ‘Alexandre Wollner – Graphic Design from Brazil’, presenting the work of the graphic artists born in 1928 in Sao Paulo, who learned his craft in part at the College of Art & Design in Ulm. Cars, pictures and books – trade shows and a Biennale in Frankfurt: automobile aficionados and fans of fast bikes and cars come together from 12th to 22nd September at the International Motor Show (IAA). Shortly after it, the Book Fair attracts keen readers from all over the world to the Main from 9th to 13th October. The world’s largest trade fair on the theme of books, literature and printed products of every kind – from comics to poetry – promises interesting new releases and authors to meet in person. Under the slogan ‘Brazil in every word’, this year’s guest country is aiming to showcase the diversity and vitality of Brazilian culture.

A different kind of event is the ‘B3 – Biennale of the Moving Picture’, which takes place in the Museum of World Cultures from 31st October to 3rd November. The Biennale aims to be a novel, permanent and lasting platform ‘for a cross-sector, cross-media alliance of the world of the moving image’. However, the B3 Biennale is not a completely new format: it was previously staged annually in Frankfurt under the name ‘eDit Filmmakers Festival’. The concept has now been further enhanced.  Festivals, parades and sport: there is also no lack of festivals in the second half of the year. Among them is the Opera Square Festival from 26th June to 5th July, featuring a varied on-stage programme and lots of tasty bites to eat. While the ‘longest day of the year’ does only have 24 hours, it undoubtedly feels much longer for the participants in the Iron Man Triathlon: it all starts early in the morning on 7th July at Langener Waldsee lake, then continues by bike through Frankfurt and surrounding area, with the final destination as ever at the end of the marathon course being the Römerberg.

 From the middle of July there is one festival after another: from 19th to 21st July the Christopher Street Day is celebrated in loud, colourful style in the city centre. From 2nd to 5th August the Main Festival draws crowds to the Römerberg and the Main embankment, before from 23rd to 25th August the Museum Bank Festival then follows. Probably the most colourful and multicultural district of Frankfurt invites you on 15th August to come to ‘Bahnhofsviertelnacht’ (Railway Station Quarter Night). A lively time is enjoyed until the early hours, with many businesses and restaurants opening their doors, guided tours through the district and lots of surprises as well.

The Festival Grounds on Ratsweg will again be filled from 6th to 16th September by visitors to the Dippemess (Pot Fair). On Sunday 27th October thousands of runners venture out along the marathon course, nearly 42 kilometres long, all around Frankfurt. The festival year then ends with the Frankfurt Christmas Market from 27th November to 22nd December. Kim Herschmann"


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