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“Better a good neighbour than a distant friend.”

Frankfurt ‘Active Neighbourhood’ programme

The Frankfurt ‘Active Neighbourhood’ programme can underline this saying as a conclusion of its twelve years of work in the districts of Frankfurt. For the first time it is now bringing out a brochure that provides an overview of the programme’s different themes and tasks. In addition to examples of projects from the different districts, it also gives details of three cross-district activities: the Neighbourhood Prize, the European Neighbour’s Day and the cooperative ‘Mobile Museum for Kids’ project.

The programme aims to offer people, regardless of age, ethnic origin or social standing, a platform and opportunity for active citizenship. The Frankfurt ‘Active Neighbourhood’ programme has been running for over twelve years. The experiences gained from the programme, with its 1,000+ projects working with committed residents in the district, have shown that it is essential to attend to any potential conflicts in neighbourhood coexistence, to motivate the local players, to coordinate their desire to get involved and to link them together in an integrative way.

The wide array of partners ranges from social welfare organisations, church communities and clubs all the way to housing companies and foundations. Be it neighbourhood party, district cultural promotions, language learning for migrants, sports activities for children and adolescents, residential environment improvements, rubbish collecting days or the setting up of a parent-child meeting – the projects described in the brochure vary from district to district, focussing on the respective needs. Like many others, Professor Birkenfeld, City Councillor for Social Welfare, Senior Citizens, Youth and Legal Affairs, also perceives through this project a new culture of togetherness and a culture of support and better neighbourhoods.



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