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30.07.2012 at 12:00 o´clock

A bridge between cultures

A new edition of the ‘Festival of the Worlds – World of Festivals’ reader has been published

The new edition of the ‘Festival of the Worlds – World of Festivals’ reader is out! Published by the Department for Multicultural Affairs (AmkA), the reader provides an introduction to over 70 religious and secular festivals that are celebrated both internationally and in Frankfurt as well. The book thus descriptively creates bridges between cultures and reflects too the diversity of Frankfurt society. It is intended to be used by teachers as an aid to stimulate discussion.

Author and ethnologist Claudia Emmendörfer-Brößler describes the rituals and customs of different cultural groups and religions. A new area particularly dealt with by the book is how festivals change as a result of migration and from one generation to the next. The text is illustrated with pictures taken by Algerian photographer Ferhad Bouda, who previously took the photos for the annual ‘Festivals of the World’ calendar. “This intercultural book,” says Helga Nagel, Head of the Department for Multicultural Affairs, “is a contribution to the common understanding and considerate coexistence of the many and varied cultures in Frankfurt am Main.

Festivals create a link from the past to the present and provide a solid foundation in the individual or communal lifecycle. They give us precisely the sort of community feeling that we want for the coexistence of all our cultures here in Frankfurt.” Both the reader and calendar can be ordered from the publishers by phone on 06172/6811656, by fax on 06172/6811657 or by e-mail at Publishers’ website:



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