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14.08.2013 at 17:30 o´clock

Fighting discrimination is core to our integration policy

Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg on the latest report from the Federal Counter-Discrimination Office

"As Head of the Integration Department I welcome the fact that through the publication of this report from the Federal Counter-Discrimination Office a comprehensive academic study has been presented on experiences of disadvantage in education and employment. The results show that despite all the progress that has been made discrimination based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or disability is still widespread," said Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, Head of the Integration Department.

"Work fighting discrimination has for a long time been a core part of Frankfurt's integration policy. This latest study has now confirmed the importance of this work. Many of the report's recommendations are already implemented in Frankfurt. Some of the most important examples of this include the Department of Multicultural Affairs' ombudsman office, the planned office to coordinate lesbian, gay and transgender issues, the 10-point plan relating to the intercultural opening up of civic administration and the commitment of numerous associations, institutions and organisations to promote diversity in the workplace as part of the 'Diversity Charter'.

However, despite Frankfurt's pioneering role in this the aim of equal participation in society has not yet been achieved. Going forward our anti-discrimination work must therefore also remain a core part of our municipal integration policy. Frankfurt is Germany's most international city. So many different life stories, cultures, convictions, denominations and lifestyles within such a compact area is unique in the country. We must therefore actively counter any and every form of discrimination or alienation in our city and enable everyone to participate in the processes of our society."

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