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26.11.2012 at 12:00 o´clock

Flying the flag against violence

Frankfurt takes part in international ‘Stop Violence Against Women Day’

“Domestic violence is not a private matter, it’s a criminal offence,” says Councillor Sarah Sorge. On 25th November, the international ‘Stop Violence Against Women Day’, the topic was moved out of the private shadows into the public glare: blowing on top of St Paul’s Church were two blue flags featuring a dancing female figure.

“Living freely without violence” stood on the flags, which came from Terre des Femmes, the society for human rights for women. The City of Frankfurt has been supporting the society’s nationwide campaign for the past seven years. A further flag was flying over Bolongaro Palace in Höchst. “For women violent experiences are one of the central risks to their health,” says Sarah Sorge.

In Frankfurt at least 60,000 women from all levels of society have experienced violence on one or more occasions in a partnership. 1,314 cases of domestic violence were recorded by the police last year alone and passed on by them to the state attorney. Sarah Sorge: “These figures are shocking. Plus, we know that the police only record a proportion of the violence that actually takes place. The estimated number of unrecorded cases is very much higher.”


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