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17.08.2012 at 12:00 o´clock

Frankfurt Integration and Diversity Monitoring 2012

An objective yardstick for integration and inequality

On 28th August 2012, the Head of the Department for Integration, Dr. Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, presented the first report on a new process of integration and diversity monitoring in Frankfurt. The department thus now has comprehensive baseline data for decision-making in future local authority integration work. The report was overseen by a cross-departmental working group and drafted by the Department for Multicultural Affairs.

Head of the Department for Integration, Dr. Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg: “This first integration monitoring process for Frankfurt is the start of comprehensive, systematic and objective reporting on integration and diversity in our city. With it we are at the same time taking an important step in the implementation of the integration and diversity strategy that the city council agreed in autumn 2010.”

In addition to baseline information on the Frankfurt population, the first Frankfurt integration monitoring report embraces a new set of objective indicators that make it possible to measure change. Seven subject areas with a total of 47 indicators and around 80 statistics provide objective information on the reality of life for different groups of the Frankfurt population.

The 2012 monitoring report covers indicators relating to the following areas: legal situation and political participation, language learning and proficiency, education and training, upbringing and school, work and economy, residential situation and geographical spread, income and social security and intercultural opening up of political and administrative sectors.



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