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10.09.2012 at 12:00 o´clock

Islamic religious education soon in Hesse too

Frankfurt am Main takes part in the project

The State Government is pressing ahead with the ‘Islamic Religious Education in Hesse Schools’ project. In autumn the decision will be taken on a pilot project in the 2013/14 school year. According to the municipal authority’s report, Frankfurt am Main will also take part in the ‘Islamic Religious Education in Hesse Schools’ project. The number of Frankfurt schools taking part has yet to be confirmed, as the City of Frankfurt am Main is still awaiting the implementing regulations from the Hesse Ministry of Culture.

‘Islamic Religion’ is not yet currently offered in Germany as a normal school subject. Educational experts, however, stress the subject’s importance to Muslims in developing a sense of identity and to intercultural dialogue. The respective state governments have been making efforts for over twenty years to introduce Islamic religious education.

One big difficulty is that on the Islamic side there is no single point of contact in Germany to speak to on behalf all Muslims. The federal states thus find themselves confronted with numerous locally based representatives of the respective umbrella organisations and accordingly have problems in recognising these as a common point of contact for their state.


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