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Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg presents report on intercultural work with parents

Report of the Municipal Authority to the Assembly of City Representatives

Under the title 'Promoting Intercultural Work with Parents to Improve the Educational Success of Young Migrants' Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, Head of the Frankfurt Department of Integration, has presented a report to Frankfurt's Assembly of City Representatives on the state of intercultural work with parents in the city.

The report from the Municipal Authority, dated 6th September 2013, deals with the issue of how education-focussed work with parents is being run in Frankfurt and what prospects exist for making this more effective. It looks here above all at how the institutions involved in such work in Frankfurt can work in a more joined-up way and how more families can be reached through education-focused work with parents. Going forward, all of these aspects are intended to lead to an improvement in the education of young migrants.

The report was produced pursuant to a resolution of the Assembly of City Representatives passed on 6th June 2013 and stems from a request made by the CDU group in the assembly on 11th June 2012. The basis of the report is the City of Frankfurt's strategy for integration and diversity.

Dr. Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg gives an overview of the numerous measures that are being promoted in cooperation with partners both by the Department for Integration and the Department for Education and Women and formulates proposals for extending and improving these services:

The programmes relating to education-focused work with parents are many and varied. On courses such as 'Mama lernt Deutsch' (Mum's learning German), for instance, not only is the German language taught, but lots of important information on educational matters is also imparted and contact between parents and schools also improved. The 'Education-focussed Work with Parents' programme is based above all on educating people, who can pass on their knowledge and advise parents on issues relating to all aspects of education. Using the medium of play, the  HIPPY programme prepares pre-school children for school, while in the 'Helping Young Adults in School' programme pupils are given advice on matters of vocational training. The 'wortstark' and 'mitSprache' programmes are primarily based on parents' acquisition of language skills. In parallel with this, children's and family centres are being developed so that just such programmes can be kept going in the future as well.

All in all, the work with parents being done in Frankfurt is proving very popular and is making an important contribution to helping young migrants to achieve educational success.

Nevertheless, the intercultural work with parents in Frankfurt still has room for improvement in some areas. Especially in the case of the educational programmes offered in schools, such as the 'Mum's learning German' courses, the lack of space is a very real problem. Programmes for which there is great demand, such as the HIPPY programme, additionally require increased funding.

So that even more families can benefit from such services, the Department for Multicultural Affairs would like to develop the existing structures further. The many good experiences that have been gained through the programmes should be applied and extended in still more parts of the city. Work is being done in this regard towards gearing the programmes in future even more precisely to the needs of individuals districts. To achieve this it is important to improve the cooperation and interaction between the individual players in Frankfurt. Being the interconnecting body, the Department for Multicultural Affairs can take on an important middleman role in this regard.


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