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16.11.2012 at 12:00 o´clock

Right-wing terrorism in Germany

Frankfurt Adult Education College (VHS) focuses on the issue of right-wing terrorism

With two seminars over the coming weeks, Frankfurt Adult Education College (VHS) is focussing through ‘Work and Life’, its cooperation with the German Trade Unions Federation (DGB), Rhine/Main region, on the issue of right-wing terrorism.

On 24th and 25th November the issue under discussion was ‘Right-wing terrorism in Germany: A new phenomenon?’ Since the series of murders committed by the NSU terrorist group became known, there has again been talk of a new dimension of right-wing violence.

But what lies behind an extreme right-wing movement and what accounts for its violent potential? The seminar looked at the historic interrelationships and also the current political context of right-wing terrorism and highlighted the growth of the extreme right. It also went in detail into the activities of the NSU terrorist group. The course entitled ‘Grey Wolves. The significance of the fascist movement from Turkey’ put the spotlight on 1st December on the ‘Grey Wolves’, whose aim is an all-embracing Turkish nation uniting all Turkish peoples from the Balkans to the autonomous Chinese regions. In the background is the MHP Party, founded in 1969.

The Grey Wolves are active in Germany too, with repeated success. This event looked at the history of the Grey Wolves’ emergence and evolution in Turkey and Germany and presented and analysed their current activities.


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