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12.11.2012 at 12:00 o´clock

“What’s your take on religion?”

Faith community: people of Frankfurt answer the ‘Gretchen question’

It is well known that Frankfurt’s greatest son has his Gretchen ask Faust “What’s your take on religion?” Today the young woman would probably get the reply: “My take on which religion?” For in Frankfurt now there are indeed numerous possible ways to ‘have a take on religion’.

Antje Schrupp has collected together a number of ‘Frankfurt Responses to the Gretchen Question’ in a booklet of the same name, which has now been published by the Regional Evangelical Association. In it clerics and full-time and voluntary parish councillors of different religious communities and denominations give their views on issues of faith, theological and cultural topics and socio-political positions.  All are members of the ‘Council of the Faiths’, which occupies itself with issues of intercultural and interfaith coexistence.

In the short interviews we hear not only from the large Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities, which have a high public profile, but also the less well-known faiths such as Baha’i, several different Buddhist associations, Sikhs and also Christian and Muslim persuasions not so strongly represented in numbers terms here in Germany.

The short interviews also convey an impression of the multitude and variety of the associations, which frequently take care not only of their members’ spiritual needs, but also play a considerable role in the social and cultural life of the community – and of the people who work there.


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