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29.11.2012 at 12:00 o´clock

'Zeilsheim – a Jewish city within Frankfurt'

Jim Tobias talking about his book in the Jewish Museum.

On 28th November, author Jim Tobias came to the Jewish Museum, where he gave a talk on his book ‘Zeilsheim - a Jewish city within Frankfurt’.

Author Jim Tobias gave a talk on his book ‘Zeilsheim - a Jewish city within Frankfurt’ on 28th November. During the almost three-year existence of the Zeilsheim ‘Displaced Persons Camp’ after the Second World War, there emerged in the camp a renaissance of Eastern European Jewry. A synagogue was built, as was a yeshiva, various schools, a kindergarten, a library and a theatre, while sports clubs and a jazz orchestra were formed. A Yiddish-language newspaper provided information about the social and cultural life in the camp from as early as December 1945. This chapter in Frankfurt’s history is a period of which the general public are hardly aware. Jim Tobias reconstructs the multifaceted story of the practically autonomous Jewish enclave of Zeilsheim from numerous unpublished documents and conversations with people alive at the time.



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