Neighbourhood aid in Frankfurt: Where can I find help, how can I help?

During the Corona crisis, people in our city support each other. An overview of the offers.
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Life in Frankfurt is currently restricted. What is apparent in everyday life, is now becoming particularly obvious: the people in Frankfurt support each other. They help where it is urgently needed.

Would you like to help, too? Or do you need support in everyday life? Click on the links to see offers of neighbourhood help in Frankfurt.

The offers at a glance

Agaplesion Markus Diakonie  neighbourhood help
        • Shopping help and help with errands, go for a walk with your pets and more

AWO Ehrenamtsagentur
        • Service bringing together people and institutions seeking help or wanting to help

Billabong Familienzentrum Riedberg e.V.
        • Shopping help (City district Kalbach/Riedberg)

Bürgerinstitut e.V.
        • Hospice assistance, palliative advice and service bringing together people and institutions seeking  and wanting to help

Caritasverband Frankfurt e.V.
        • Helpline and phone counselling

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Frankfurt am Main
        • Shopping help, help with errands, reading out on the phone and more (for people seeking help and helpers)

Evangelical Parishes in Frankfurt
        • Pastoral care by phone and shopping help

Frankfurt gegen Corona – student neighbourhood initiative
        • Shopping help and more

Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.
        • Shopping help

Nachbarschaftsverein Gude Leut' e.V.
     • Help with errands and shopping help (City district Gutleutviertel)  online platform for neighbourhood help
        •  Service bringing together people seeking help and helpers

Solidarity Despite Corona  student neighbourhood initiative
        • Multilingual neighbourhood initiative using chat groups on the smartphone app Telegram

Important note: Please always follow the applicable health recommendations. Maintain a distance of at least 1.50 metres to others and wash your hands regularly. Thanks to these and other measures, you can prevent the virus from being transmitted to yourself or other people.

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