About us

The ‘Diversity Inspires Frankfurt’ website is a project of the City of Frankfurt am Main, Section XI – Integration, Department for Multicultural Affairs.

The Department for Multicultural Affairs (AmkA) was established in 1989. As a municipal authority, it is the task of the AmkA to encourage and help the different ethnic groups in Frankfurt to live together in a constructive manner.

Successful integration will have been achieved when all of Frankfurt’s residents, no matter what their origins or background, are shaping the city’s future together. Having equal opportunities and equal rights to participate in society are basic principles of this. The AmkA develops targeted integration policies, assists in bringing together institutions involved in integration and promotes tolerance and understanding among the city’s residents.

The AmkA arbitrates in the event of conflicts with neighbours, local authorities or the police, undertakes anti-discrimination work and runs programmes with parents and children aimed at linguistic and labour-market integration. Together with partners, the AmkA devises plans and strategies to deal with all aspects of integration and diversity. Among our department’s most important areas of activity are intercultural dialogue and the building up of extended networks.

Further information about the AmkA and its work can be found at www.amka.de