Data protection

The following declaration gives you an overview of how we ensure data protection and of what kind of data is collected for what purpose.

This website uses what are known as cookies in a variety of places. They are needed to assist the technical running of our application and enable us to make our site more personal to you, more user friendly and more secure. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer and saved by your browser. These cookies do your computer no harm and contain no viruses. In order to delete the cookies later, please use your browser’s help function. You will generally find these settings under Tools / Data Protection Settings (Firefox) or Tools / Internet Options / Data Protection (Internet Explorer).

Data processing on this website
Anonymised data on visitors to this site is recorded and stored for optimisation and marketing purposes using Open New Media GmbH’s ‘netupdater® LIVE’ tracking system. Cookies may be used in this process. The recorded data is used to create site usage profiles under pseudonyms. The data does not get used to identify site visitors personally. No link whatsoever is made between the data and the bearer of the pseudonym. You can withdraw your consent for such data to be recorded and stored at any time. This revoked consent will also be stored in your browser for all future visits to this website.

Revoke consent

For content-related analysis users’ entries and posts on this website get saved. Each time a user visits the site and accesses a file, the Web server saves log data on these processes, e.g. IP address and technical specifications. All of this data gets used by us exclusively for statistical purposes. It gets passed on to third parties only if we are legally obliged to do so. Under no circumstances does personal data gets passed onto any third party or used for commercial purposes, save only if we are under an obligation to release it. For example, pursuant to a legal directive or official decree or if we have the user’s express permission.

If you want a user account deleted, please contact the Editorial Office.

Right to information
You have the right at any time to information about the data stored in relation to you, its origin and recipients and the purpose for which it has been stored. Information about the saved data will be provided by the aforementioned operator of this website.